F2F Apprenticeship

Often times we are under the assumption that when we worship, we are initiating something new. But what really happens when we worship is that we simply plug in to something that is taking place in Heaven 24 by 7. We might worship for a few minutes, an hour or maybe 5 hours. But in that time, we’re only aligning ourselves with what is already happening in Heaven.

And that is the moment we feel Heaven and earth coming together and God’s powerful presence visiting us. But imagine if this worship that happens 24 by 7 in Heaven, takes place here on earth too. Imagine that instead of plugging into what is happening in Heaven for a few minutes or a few hours, we align ourselves in such a way that what happens 24 by 7 in Heaven, happens 24 by 7 here on earth too. And that is what Face2Face Foundation is aiming to do. To reach a point where we can have worship rising from the city of Delhi, 24 by 7, and in doing so, be in complete union with what is happening in Heaven! Imagine the impact that we can have on our city, simply to have a place on this land that brings together Heaven and earth.

Now envisioning it is one thing, but seeing this come to life will take a lot of effort, commitment and even sacrifices. And surely this is not something that one man or a small set of people can do. Reaching a goal of raising up the incense of worship 24 by 7 will require a lot of people to come and be a part of this. People who simply have the vision to minister to no one but the Heart of God. No large crowds, no flashing lights, no hype-men. Only you ministering to the heart of God, and God in turn moving the hearts of people.

So today, as you read this, if you believe that you align with this vision. If you feel strongly that you wish to be a part of this movement in any capacity small or big. From being part of the media team to simply helping in keeping the place clean, we want to invite you to the Face2Face Apprenticeship program. If there is one quality that we need as a prerequisite for this program, it is the heart to serve. Not just serve when you lead worship on stage and the whole world watches you, but to be just as faithful in serving while you pick up dust from a corner when no one sees you. Because in all that we do, our aim is to minister only to the Heart of God.

We welcome you to be a part of this beautiful journey, to see worship arise here, from our city Delhi, 24 by 7

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