For everyone whose heart's desire is to know God.

Worship Internship is not just about music, it’s about worship! It is about imparting and teaching what we have received to minister unto the audience of one - God.

What We Teach

Theology simply means ‘Study of God’, and this class will focus on studying the various passages in the Word that teach us specifically on the subject of GOD and who He is. It draws out Biblical truths on what real worship is from God’s perspective.

This class examines the historical background and significance of ‘The Tabernacle of Moses’, ‘The Davidic Tabernacle’, ‘The Temple of Solomon’ and the prophetic worship that was released through them. Topics such as ‘Key of David’, ‘The Ark of the Covenant and its journey’, ‘Heart of David’, ‘Heart of Worship’, ‘Jesus in the Torah’, ‘Patterns of the Tabernacle and Temple’, and many more will be discussed and studied in depth here.

This class will focus on areas of lifestyle and inner spiritual walk such as heart, character, personal devotions, community building, and discipling others. Core lessons on character, identity, and calling will be taught in these sessions. Our goal for you is to find your own voice and step into the unique anointing God has placed in your life. This class also focuses on spiritual leadership and servant leadership.

This course is designed to impart a Biblical understanding of spiritual warfare and the powerful purpose of art, music, and worship in the nations and amongst the lost. Students will uncover the issues of ethnocentric ministry, spiritual strongholds, indigenous cultures, spiritual discernment and regional ministry, studying the theology of worship, and learning to apply the Word to worship.

This course will also examine the theology and practice of prophetic worship. Students engage in discussion of the priorities and possibilities of worship while establishing a prophetic foundation to enrich their own worship experience and ignite a passion for the presence of God.

Intercession through worship is key to the Kingdom of God. Worship intercession teaches you to open up your heart to every emotion of God’s heart and know His will for your own life, for others, and for the nations. Its very nature tends to put aside one’s own agenda or concerns and desires to unite oneself to Jesus’ heart. This class would help you to practice listening to God and be sensitive towards the Holy Spirit. The depth of this session aims to bring out a prayer life with a kingdom vision, that is birthed out of the Word of God, His glory and His presence.

All of our classes focus on using the art of dance for worship, for enriching the body of Christ and also for evangelism.

This workshop briefly touches on the power of visual art in prophetic ministry, and also takes interns through the basic techniques of painting, culminating in their very own piece of inspired artwork.

In this workshop, students will develop a basic understanding of the use of photography to document and tell a story of what goes on during worship. You will also learn the basics of the digital camera and editing software. Previous experience with photography and the computer is beneficial but not required.

This workshop is all about composing and releasing original songs of worship and what goes into the making of a worship song.

This small but very effective session will cover the elements of mixing, such as Balance, Panorama, Frequency Range, Dimension, Dynamics, Interest.

This workshop focuses on the strengthening of the vocal skills of an individual to use their vocal instrument to its utmost potential during worship sessions. From breathing exercises to knowing one’s vocal range, there are many lessons this course will cover.

This workshop will revolve around improving one’s guitar skills. Acoustic sessions, lead guitar technicalities and bass guitar lessons will be covered during these sessions.

This workshop concentrates on the drumming technicalities, time keeping exercises and rhythm lessons and more.

This workshop focuses on producing music on the keyboard in ways that enrich the atmosphere during a worship session.

This workshop concentrates on teaching how individuals with their respective talents can come together and work as a team. From learning to listen to each other and to follow the worship leader to cutting loose during spontaneous sessions yet with control and beauty are a few of the insights these practical sessions will give you.


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