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Worship Internship

Worship Internship, a four months program is a place where you choose to sit at the feet of Jesus, leaving aside everything. Its vision is to empower a person’s love for Jesus. It’s more of a discipleship/apostolic structured module than a typical theological course.‘Worship Internship’ revolves around His exuberant presence & primarily teaches about ‘The Pattern of His Presence’.

The order of the day is led and ordained by the Holy Spirit with endless – worship, word & intercession. Here, the importance is made on one’s character over his or her anointing. This platform has birthed endless Forerunners, Set-Apart Nazarites, Laid down Lovers, History Makers, Unashamed Dancers, Intimate Incense Carriers, Lions and Lionesses and Worship Fathers and Worship Mothers for this generation. In short ‘Worship Internship’ is all about this One Man – Jesus.



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It is not about music, it's about worship! It is all about imparting and teaching what we have received to minister unto the

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