School of Worship

God is looking for worshippers, not just believers or attendees, but for those who truly worship!

In John 4, Jesus says that the Father is seeking worshippers and this is the mission of the School of Worship: to become and help become the kind of worshippers the Father is seeking. The school is a Holy Spirit-led journey into the Heart of the Father. It is designed to be an experience in God’s Presence, and a time of equipping and training, where the worshipper’s heart is purified and his or her gifts are refined. All of this takes place in a loving and mentoring family atmosphere.

In all the countries we have ministered in over the years—India, USA, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, SriLanka, Mauritius, Malaysia, Nigeria and Uganda; the Holy Spirit has led people to attain a level of intimacy with God through open-hearted, soul-inspired worship, in keeping with the vision and manner of Face2Face. Testimonies keep pouring in long after these years, and the glory and honor is God’s alone! Face2Face, through School of Worship, is passionate about restoring lost prophetic, artistic and creative elements to the Body of Christ. School of Worship gradually over the years evolved into The Worship Intensive.